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I am Slava

I'm a Senior Cloud Engineer at SADA Systems, Inc.
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Pizza donations are always welcome

Here's my resume
Here's this repository
Here're some haikus and rhymes

Notable projects

Here is a script for migrating PostgreSQL BDR to a standalone instance
A recent GnuPG version packaged for CentOS was too hard to find, so I made it
Here's a devopsy clock I made. Here's another
Jave is future
These lyrics were really hard to find
Here is a list of fixes for a Monoprice Select v2.1 3d printer


Here're my presentations (yeah, two) for Grindr's weekly Demo Day
Here's my presentation on a couple CISSP chapters from the NRHL days


John Paul Hayes II drinks kombucha and has a pretty cool site
James Khang was taking control of his skillset by building a game he frequently contributes to reverse engineering society on his blog
Bryce Case makes music and talks shit on the internet like a boss
Naftuli Kay is an engineer (not of trains), he does things right

Most of these are in my RSS subscription list